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Tracts and Messages

In this section you will find articles and messages that The Church of Jesus Christ in Portage teaches and preaches.  Follow along in the King James Bible to prove the messages to be true.  If you come across something that you may not understand feel free to contact us by email or phone from our contact page. 



Do you have questions about baptism like: Should you be baptized or How to be baptized. Here is everything you need to know about Baptism. 

In this Bible study we find what God thinks about Modesty.  What does the Bible teach on Modesty for men and women. 


In this article you will discover the mystery of the Godhead. It will show why there is only one God and why the trinity is not scripture.


In this article it gives a very simple way to prove organization in the Bible.

Are the Things Your Saying And Doing Found in the Bible?

As you ask yourself this question, your first response might be yes. But are you? We find a lot of people are saying and doing things that Peter and the apostles didn’t say or do.  Read along and find if you are truly doing and saying what is found in the Bible.  Test your own beliefs and see where you measure up.


In this tract is gives warnings of being one of those talebearers.  In the world today it seems that like some think to get ahead in life we must run down someone just to make our cause more righteous.  In this article it gives us a Biblical warning to those that walk down this path of destruction.

Why do we use The King James Bible.

In this brief article it shows some simple reasons why The Church of Jesus Christ still uses The King James Version Bible.  It shows some examples of other Bibles on the market today and explains why the world is trying to pollute the Holy Word of God.

Is Jesus Christ & Jehovah the same person?

This tract was written in response to a meeting between a member of The Church of Jesus Christ and a member of the Jehovah Witnesses.  After reading the book called, "You can live forever in Paradise on earth."  This tract was written to ask some interesting questions about the beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses.

Beware of the Sinners Prayer!!!

This article gives a warning about the plan of salvation that many of the worldly religions are teaching and preaching today.  This article explains about how that the early Church never used and how Jesus Christ never commanded anyone to repeat a simple prayer.

This article also goes on to explain a breif history of its orgins and who was respondsible for this method of salvation.

The One Big "G" God

This article explains how that there is one God.  It shows through the Old and New Testaments how there is a difference between one God and the many gods that we find in the world today.


Halloween: Is it a trick-or-treat?  This should be an easy question to answer but with many worldly churches today that answer is becoming harder to make. In this article we give a brief history of Halloween and the surprising connection to the children of Israel and Jeroboam in the Old Testament. We explore the connection to Osiris the god of the dead of the Egyptians and the golden calf that Israel many times would worship. 

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